When She Couldn't Sleep


When you feel like world is crumbling down. When sadness turns into emptiness. You know how it feels when a big part of you, is taken. (Can be someone, can be something, can by anything.) 

When you can't sleep at night because your eyes are closed but your mind is everywhere. When there's nothing to be afraid of anymore, because its already happened. You know how it feels. 

When you know the pain will stay with you all the way. When you see others sad. When you can smile but it hurts more than it supposed to be. You know how it feels. 

But then. 

When you suddenly see the bright part of the story. When you see there's actually something to be celebrated. When you know pain is not forever. 

When you realize that when nothing's left, there still hopes. When you see that when you have hopes, the universe give you something in return. 

When you know that, "this too, shall pass." 

Then suddenly. 

Everything seems okay. Everything seems normal. That it's not a bad life, it's just a bad day. When you realize that you were blessed, more than ever. 

"When a door closes, opportunity knocks". I believe in that now, I really do. 

So here's to all sad girls. Know that pain will go away. Know that you are more than just fine. Know that everything is okay. Know that somewhere someday, you'll feel better. 

Someday, soon.

♥ K

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