How I choose My Go-to Sneakers

Hello! How's life?

I hope you are doing good. This time I'll be sharing how I choose my go-to sneakers. 

If you ask me what's my power shoes, it'll definitely be the sneakers. Not the boots nor heels, I'll always choose sneakers. 

When it comes to choosing sneakers, I always go for the basic. So a pair of white sneakers it is. Or, a pair of old-skool Vans, a pair of navy Keds, or any other basic sneakers. 

Wearing basic sneakers compliment my everyday-basic look for a sleek outfit. Or, also tone-down my look when I wear something colorful or patterned clothings. 

My tips for you would be to choose the perfect color that can match any colors, and wear the one that the style meet you best. If you are girly enough, Keds would be sweet. Or if you like it a bit boyish, grab a Vans or Nike with the ankle-high sneakers.

I hope it helps, see you in my next post, loves!

♥ K

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