Where My Heart is.


Again, I never bored with this city: Yogyakarta. This time, Jogja did me special. The last trip that I've had, left so many warm memories for me.

I believe there are 2 types of people; the one that go on holiday for fun, and the one that go on holiday for peace. I'm obviously the second type. Jogja is the city where I will always go back to. Because this city has a lot to offer. Not only the good tourist destinations, but also the warmest people & the safest feeling. People who once fell in love with Jogja, they will always come back. And it's true. There's something about this city that is special. The atmosphere that somehow is different, and the energy that is peacefully beautiful. Only people who fell in love with Jogja will understand about this. 

So there you go, some pictures that I captured during my last Jogja trip. Hope you enjoy them, and I hope you will got a chance to feel the warmest & kindest love from Jogja, to you. Jogja, you will always be my second home. The place where I feel safe, the place with so many memories, the place where my heart is. 

❤ K

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