"Today, share something to others."

Few weeks ago, I came to a very exciting event of @livinglovingnet's anniversary, #LLAfternoonDelight. It was a nice day where I met blogger fellas and also, the blogging-gurus @lucedaleco and @beradadisini. I also got the chance to witness women to women sharing passions and creativity, through sharing ideas about blogging, sharing knowledge about creating your own mist, sharing happiness to each other, everything. What a day!

The "teachers"
A happy birthday indeed!
Surrounded by pretty flowers in every corner
You can make your own flowers bouquet. Pretty, right?
Realizing things turns out to be the best part of any day. Today, I realized that the only way to celebrate the day and be grateful of the day is by sharing. Share whatever you can share. Share your thoughts, share your story, share passion, creativity, positivity, possibility, and happiness, or anything to the people around you. Share it to your best friends, share to your family, share in the office, or to strangers, anyone & anywhere. Because one day, it all that matters the most.

Or you can even make your own mist!
And the best part, "redefine your blog" session
So I’d say, if you have something to share, do share it! I do, by writing this for you :)
Really hope you enjoy a little thought from me. See you in my next post, loves!

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