Sweater Weather

It's getting colder everyday especially in November, right? I actually love the weather, I love watching the rain falls down, I love the smell after the rain, I love when it's finally the time to wear a bunch and tons of layers of warmer, while sipping hot beverages in the middle of works. 

But sometimes (especially here in Indonesia) we can see the sun shines after the rain. It's a warm gentle feel to the skin. So why not wear sweaters, cardigans, coats, or jackets, but also, have the sunglasses in the bag? As we all know, sunglasses come in handy!

So few days back, I was out for a coffee with my A (he's been spending a lot of time on learning photography, so it's kind of our habit to go out to have some coffee in a nice coffee shop). Because it's breezy outside, I choose to wear something warm and comfy, my choice goes to the comfiest knitted sweaters! To sparks up a bit, I pair it with my denim culotte and neckerchief. Voila! We're ready to go!

Sweater by Pull&Bear, Neckerchief by Stradivarius, Vintage Denim Culotte, Shoes by Airwalk

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