The pink-haired blogger

To celebrate and start the new age (I'm officially 22 now!) I decided to dye my hair! And I think you can guess the color.. yes, magenta! I am always a big fan of pink, either the soft one or the dark one. So when it comes to hair-dye, I chose magenta without any doubts.

Yayyyy! It's pink! 

And it turned out looks so good and even better than I expected! I only dyed a half-part of my hair, on my right side starting from behind my ear to the neck.

By having my hair colored, I took bigger responsibility to take care of my new hair, since colored-hair is a little tricky to taken care of. And it marks my new age, it means I'm changing, I'm growing, I'm improving.

I had so much fun playing with the balloons and of course, rockin the new pink hair! 

So.. I hope you like the new look as well as I like it. See you on my next post! Don't forget to leave feedback on the comment box below, dear <3

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