Photoset: Fine Sunday


This one is actually not the usual kind of post I’ve wrote. This time I’m sharing some photos of my last Sunday activity, some shots from my friend, the talented Mr.Faiz Muttaqy (you should check on his instagram!) We went to this iconic giant ferris wheel in Sindu Kusuma Edupark (SKE) Jogjakarta. We were just basically taking some photos and strolling around the park, and spending good times on weekend, before we head back to busy weekdays!

Top by Lemon Lime, Jeans by Giordano, Shoes by Airwalk
The man behind the camera
Please enjoy some pictures and do make a visit to this beautiful theme park if you have spare time! And everywhere you go, don’t forget to snap :)

Left to right: Nadira - Faiz - Me. We had so much fun!

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  1. Anonymous19/11/15

    suka sama komposisi warnanya. Keren

    1. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog and the feedback :)