White Winter Hymnal

It’s holiday season! What do you do to spend your holiday? Well me, I spend it with final exams, sadly its not ‘holiday’ for us here at my university :(

But my girls and I still have time to go someplace cute and homey for lunch. Few days ago we went to this gorgeous café at Prawirotaman, called Lawas 613. They have super gorgeous interior designs and its kinda vintage and so homey. We love the food and the atmosphere. You should see it yourself :D

Me and my girls! :D

Talking about end-year season, how’s your 2014 resolution been going? My 2014 resolutions were not so bad. I actually reached some of them, for example I started this blog and started healthy-eating-lifestyle. But of course I still have some plans that unfortunately can’t be fulfilled this year.

White Vintage Sleeveless Shirt, White Blazer by E.S.P.A.D.A, Vintage Grey Skirt, and Ankle Boots by Hush Puppies

Anyway, this year has been fantastic! I met many new friends, many new experiences, and many other things that I can not mention one by one (with some struggle here and there). This year has taught me soooo much about everything, and I can’t wait to see what I’ll have next year :D

Happy new year everyone!

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