Hello! This is my first post since I'm a new blogger :p

I'm so excited for this blog and I'm planning to post more often when I have ideas and thoughts about fashion or any other stuff related to fashion and beauty :)

A lil introduction from me, my name is Kadya Kirana but my family call me Didiet, and my friends usually call me Kadya or KeiI'm 19 years old and now living in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Recently I'm studying Geophysics in Universitas Gadjah Mada, batch 2011

It's always been my passion in fashion. I remember I've been in love with fashion design since I was in elementary school ( though I didn't make very pretty sketches anyway :p ) and my love for fashion grows bigger and bigger day by day.

Now as a teenager, I love to make some fashion sketches, do some shopping ( who doesn't love this? ) and keep updating news in fashion globally. So far I haven't done or made something big that related to fashion, and this is challenging for me to make a new start in fashion.

And now I can't resist that I have to do something to explore my passion in fashion. So that's why I made this blog! :D
It has been my resolution in 2014 to have my own fashion blog. And now I'm finally posting my first post here!

I'm probably not gonna be very active in this blog since I'm still a student struggling with assignments, quiz, tests, laboratory and field projects, and of course friends and love. But I promise I will post as often as I can to keep update with the fashion world.

It's a pleasure to make this blog, and even more with you as the readers! Thanks and I'm really waiting for any suggestions or comments. 

Gonna post my first-fashion-related-column soon. Any ideas what is it about? ;)

See you very soon, XOXO

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